The latest issue of Famitsu is out now and Koei Tecmo shares new details about Atelier Ryza 2! This time, details about the battle system and sub-characters were shared. Check out all the details below:

Battle System: Real-Time Tactics Battle

– Your AP increases by guarding against enemy attacks with precise timing
– When the player character carries out suggestions made by party members called “Action Orders,” a powerful skill called an “Order Skill” will activate
– When you have built up a large amount of AP, you will be able to use multiple skills one after another with “Skill Chains”
– This powers up your skill and increases your CC gains
– Your gauge will build up as you use skills, and when it exceeds a certain value, your Tactics Level (T-Lv) will increase
– This allows you to freely use skills without consuming AP for T-Lv (In the first game you had to either use AP or level up your T-Lv to use skills)
– When character level reaches a certain level and T-Lv reaches its max, you can activate a special move called “Fatal Drive”
– CC builds up as you use skills
– By building up CC, you can use multiple items one after another (up to four)
– There is also a special move called “Core Drive,” which you can activate by using items


– Zephine Baudouin (voiced by Rikako Aida) – Manager and face of the cafe in the academic district of the royal capital
– The cafe is a place where you can accept requests
– The bulletin board is updated daily
– There are requests that you can accept throughout town, as well as those that develop into a series of side stories
– Cassandra Kaveri (voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro) – The daughter of a farmer in the farming district in the royal capital. She isthe oldest of five sisters
– Romy Vogel (voiced by Yuki Nagaku) – She returns from Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
– She has settled in the royal capital
– Dennis Holland (voiced by Ryou Yaginum) – A blacksmith in the royal capital

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy releases this winter for PS4, PS5, Switch and Steam. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!