Retro Studios continues to look for hires as job listings have opened for three product testers and a story board artist! Like previous hirings and job listings from Retro Studios, we assume its for Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 4 restarted development around early 2019 and Retro is bolstering their ranks with talent from across the industry. Retro Studios is based in Austin TX so naturally, a lot of talent has come from western studios like 343 Industries and EA’s DICE.

The three product tester job listings opened on September 30th while the storyboard artist job listing opened on October 5th. Product testers assist in quality control, debugging and updating development hardware to name a few tasks. The storyboard artist job requires cinematic expertise including the task to “help define emotional scenes that resonate with audiences”. Lastly, requirements for the storyboard artist are available here.

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