In a recent interview with IGN, Moon Studios Art Director Jeremy Griffon talked about the potential for a new Ori game. Spin-offs and prequels aren’t ruled out for the franchise. Here’s what he had to say:

“For now we’re focused on our newest title, but we’ve left the door open for a return to Ori’s world. It would really come down to whether or not there’s a story that the team is excited to tell.”

“There are a lot of possibilities for stories to tell in [Ori game settings] Niwen or Nibel. As you mentioned, both prequels and spin-offs would give us an opportunity to expand on the lore while giving a fresh perspective.

Although we don’t have anything planned at the moment, I think there’s a lot of potential there. Sometimes I’ll have an idea that I think would be cool to explore, so I make a note of it and file it away for now. Continuing to expand on what we’ve already established could be a lot of fun.”

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