After the big debacle with Apple with Apple wanting Xbox to list each game individually in the App Store to support xCloud on iOS, Microsoft has found a different approach to bring the streaming service to iOS users through a web version of xCloud.

Microsoft’s gaming chief, Phil Spencer, revealed the company’s browser-based xCloud work during a recent internal all-hands meeting. “We absolutely will end up on iOS,” said Spencer during the meeting, noting that he “feels good” about the company’s iOS progress. “We’ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass.”

During the same all-hands call at Microsoft, Spencer also discussed the company’s plans for xCloud on PC. Spencer described PC as a “great opportunity” for both Game Pass and game streaming. Microsoft is now aiming to bring xCloud to Windows 10 PCs in 2021. The software giant has been testing a preview version with employees for months, and it will debut at some point next year.

If all goes to plan, we should see xCloud come to iPhones/iPads in early 2021 and see a PC release as well sometime later on in 2021.