Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass: Crown Tundra detailed, physical copy with expansion pass revealed and more

    The second half of the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass has been dived into a bit further by the Pokemon Company. This new expansion will see trainers embarking on a journey through a snow covered mountain land under the mentorship of new character Peony. In this expansion, each Legendary Pokemon from the series past will be obtainable legitimately, including new Galarian forms of Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Players will explore new kinds of dens to fight Dynamaxed Legendaries.

    Then, a new double battle tournament mode is being added to the game in the form of the Galarian Star Tournament. In this mode, players will team up with one character from the adventure to fight another pair of two. The characters will usually be ones with an existing relationship to each other, like a team of Hop and Leon.

    This new expansion will release on Thursday, October 22nd. In addition, physical copies with the expansion pass bundled in will release on Friday, November 6th.

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