Producer Naoki Yoshida has announced that a teaser site for Final Fantasy XVI will launch in late October! The site will include details about the game’s world and characters. Yoshida also commented on the game’s announcement trailer from the PS5 event:

“I didn’t want the trailer to be just a rendered cutscene and bam! logo!… I wanted to use resources that were moving in-game, in real-time, but the timing wasn’t the best for it. We haven’t tuned it or optimized it yet, so it was a lot of work to be done. But if we released a pre-rendered trailer, they would say, ‘Alright, see you in 2035!’ or something. I’ve seen those kind of comments from America. So we really wanted to show something that was actually in-game. We haven’t shown the highlights of the game in this trailer, so that will come later when we make it properly.”

As previously reported, more information about FFXVI arrives in 2021. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!