The Kingdom Hearts Union X update on September 3rd in Japan will reveal the truth of Strelitzia’s death

Players who followed the story of Kingdom Hearts Union X have been through many twists and turns. The story unravels the mysteries of the Kingdom Hearts series while building up story elements for the series’ future. One of the truths that have eluded players for years is the death of Strelitzia, a major character and Lauriam’s sister. Lauriam is known as Marluxia by many who played the Kingdom Hearts games. Many theories put Ventus as the culprit, one of the few characters from Union X that has been in the mainline series for a long time. However, the truth of her death will be revealed in the next Union X update on September 3rd in Japan. Hopefully the truth is an answer that fans would like to hear.

Kingdom Hearts Union X is out now for iOS and Android worldwide. In the meantime, stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!