Paper Mario: The Origami King’s story is not chapter focused like previous games, features a free open world with different regions

    Gameinformer’s recent Paper Mario: The Origami King write-up sheds light on the game, bringing more new additions to the series than ever before. Starting off, The Origami King ditches chapter progression for a more open approach (literally). The story incentivizes adventure within its open world levels. Players may travel from region to region in a seamless open-world with amazing visuals and draw distance. Like many other RPGs, interesting encounters and “diversions” may await players in their journey. In addition, bosses are scattered across the world. Check out the excerpt below:

    These bosses aren’t just waiting in one location for Mario to find them. Instead, they’re scattered around the world. That creates a striking visual, as players can see the streamers far in the distance, while also giving them a hint as to where their next challenge lies. One of the biggest departures with The Origami King is that the story isn’t chapter-focused as past games have been. Instead, players can travel from region to region seamlessly in an open-world setup.

    “One major feature that makes the world where this adventure takes place special is that there are huge maps to explore at every turn,” says Masahiko Magaya, director at Intelligent Systems. “Because the game is laid out this way, we were careful during the design phase to make sure there is always something in the player’s field of vision to catch their attention.”

    Paper Mario: The Origami King is looking very exciting and more details are available here. Lastly, Paper Mario: The Origami King releases on July 17th for Switch worldwide. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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