EZ2ON Reboot slated for July 2020 release on Steam.

    Back in August of last year, EZ2ON, a home PC version of a Korean Arcade Rhythm Game called EZ2AC, was revealed to be in the process of being rebooted for release on Steam.

    We have heard very little since then until today, when a report sprung up stating that according to a press release from NeoNovice, the team developing the new version, the EZ2ON Reboot is currently being slated for a July 2020 release on Steam early access.

    According to Jeon Kyung-soo, a representative of NeoNovice, “EZ2ON is currently being developed with the goal of launching on Steam Early Access in July 2020. We are also preparing to release promotional videos and new information.”

    As of the time of writing the game has not been confirmed for any form of English release.

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