World War Z has announced it will have cross-play starting today between Xbox One and PC with Playstation 4 coming soon after.

This comes from the latest post on the Focus Home Interactive forums.  

We’re thrilled to release the Horde Mode Z Update today! The new mode throws waves of progressively challenging enemies at teams of up to four, with increasingly bigger rewards for surviving. In between rounds, you can upgrade your firepower, defenses, and scavenge for free pickups like heavy weapons and medkits. In Horde Mode Z, you can play as any character you like. In addition, today’s update adds The Bomber, a special new zombie that drops an explosive when downed, which you will only have a few precious seconds to disarm. Make sure you take it down with precise limb shots or it will detonate. Succeed and you will be rewarded with valuable loot. For a full list of the changes, check out the patch notes at the bottom of this page. In order to make sure everything is up to standards on release, we’ve decided to push… crossplay and the new cosmetics to early next year. This will be the final Season 2 update and will of course be completely free.

World War Z is available right now on Xbox Game Pass so for you all of you Left 4 Dead fans, like myself, this is a great experience that will hold you over until we see more of the upcoming Blood 4 Blood.