Free to play melee battler Ninjala releasing on Nintendo Switch in May

    In today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo showed off the new melee battle royale game Ninjala.

    Originally revealed at E3 2018 by developer GungHo Online Entertainment, Ninjala features eight players going head to head to score the most points in a battle royale format.

    Players play as ninjas with abilities given to them by chewing gum, allowing them to perform ninjitsu. These ninjas will use weapons ranging from a bat, to a club, and even a yo-yo to combat other fighters and rack up the highest score.

    The best part about the game is that it’ll be free to play when it releases! That means anyone with a Nintendo Switch can dive right in when Ninjala releases in May, later this year.

    For all things Nintendo, we’ll keep you updated here at Final Weapon!

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