Review: DOOM Eternal is one the best FPS I’ve ever played

    Rip and Tear to the MAX

    DOOM Eternal is without doubt one of the best first person shooters I have ever played. This game is video games to the max. The action, music, story and environment is next level. DOOM Eternal is a game everyone should play and experience. It has sucked me in like no other FPS. Just moving around, and taking everything in is remarkable. Truly the team at Id Software has out done themselves, and have crafted one of the best FPS.

    The Peak of Gameplay

    Now when I say peak, I mean gaming in general. Gameplay in DOOM Eternal never stops being amazing. Never will it plateau, each encounter is exhilarating as the last. The game makes you think you have learned and you believe you are ready for the next encounter, but they throw you for a loop. Needing to learn on the fly is what DOOM is all about. You need to be smart about every decision you make in the game. Keeping track of your ammo, health, armor, and how to deal with the demons is all apart of the beauty of DOOM. This includes the movement as well. These battles can’t be as good as they are if the game didn’t have good movement. Double-jumping into a bar that you can swing off and instantly turn around to shoot a demon is *chefs kiss*. Paired with the ability to dash on the ground or in the air makes it gaming bliss.

    Glory Kills and the Chainsaw return in all of their glory

    The Inclusion of Dashing

    This ability is something else. Let’s say you stagger a Cacodemon from afar, but have other demons in the way. You can jump up and dash over to it and Glory Kill it then if the right Rune is equipped you can dash back. Having the dash makes the already amazing gameplay out of this world fun. As I said earlier, just moving around is fun. Exploring the Hell infested Earth looking for secrets and collectables is leagues better now with how fast you can move. I’m not saying DOOM 2016 had this issue, but comparing the movement from DOOM 2016 to Eternal is insane. Eternal is way faster and complex. Mostly impart by the Dash mechanic. It makes fighting Demons so much more fun, and opens up many different ways on to deal with them.

    Surprising Story of DOOM Eternal

    The main story of DOOM Eternal takes place 2 years after the events of DOOM 2016. This time it is about DOOMGuy trying to save and stop the Hell infested Earth. The demons have taken over, as it is their time for penece as told by the Khan Maykr. In addition the Khan Maykr proclaims it is time for humans to serve under her and follow the order that was established years ago. To stop Earth from being consumed by Demons, DOOMGuy must kill 3 powerful priests that are helping spread the destruction. They follow the Khan Maykrs word as they look up to her. DOOM Eternal also looks into the past of DOOMGuy and how he becomes the way he does.

    DOOM Eternal Khan Maykr
    The angelic Khan Maykr

    To fully understand DOOM Eternals story you will need to grab all the passages lying around each level. These pages really open the lore book and give you the fine details that you may not get from just playing through the main story. I believe reading the lore is one of the most vital parts about DOOM 2016 and Eternal. There is so much story hidden away for players to find that make the motives, and why things are happening so much better. It doesn’t even need to be lore bombs, but explanations of different locations are great to read. Having a little excerpts like these just make the game come to life, and makes me appreciate it way more.

    Mick Gordon’s rockin Soundtrack

    I am no stranger to the talent that is Mick Gordon. Mick Gordon’s music is nothing but phenomenal. The way he brings the game to life with music is next level. These games wouldn’t be the way they are if it wasn’t for Mick Gordon’s talent. The emotion just bursts out, and revs the game up. The combat and music are so intertwined, that you can’t separate the two. It doesn’t even need to be paired with combat. The music while you are walking up to one of the priests and you here the low pitched chanting is godly. Walking in it gave me goosebumps. I made myself stay in that room just to listen to it. Tracks like those are my favorite. Powerful and gets its message across right away. Once you hear that track playing, you know it is important.

    You can even listen to older music by collecting records while you play!

    Additionally not one track in DOOM Eternal has disappointed me in anyway. I felt as every track is filled with love of the source material and brings it alive. Mick Gordon just nails it each and every time. From DOOM 2016, to Killer Instinct and now this. He never fails to give character to the game he is composing for. Each track that he has made has been embodied with so much attention that it would be criminal not to highlight it. Here is just one track that shows off what Mick Gordon brings to the table.

    The Faults?

    Let me start out saying there are next to no faults with this game. The only real nitpick I have with the game is of course, The Marauder. Going one on one with The Marauder is a lot of fun, but damn is it a annoying with a horde of Demons. His moveset doesn’t really mesh well in those kind of battles. The dog he summons is also super fast and sometimes tough to deal with if you don’t know he has summoned it. Overall he is not as bad as many say, but still is annoying to deal with at times. There is also a super minor nitpick with the few swimming sections, but those don’t last long. They control fine for what they are, but the game didn’t really need it.

    The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Marauder

    Other than that I believe this game is flawless. Everything is done so right that it is hard to find any other faults with it. I just want to keep playing it and master Nightmare mode the next time I play it.

    Rip and Tear to the End

    Carnage to the end

    In conclusion, DOOM Eternal is a masterpiece. The combat, environments, music (oh the music) and the story are incredible. I was sucked in right when I started, and I couldn’t stop thinking about playing more and more of it. DOOM Eternal is such a well designed game that is meant to be returned too, and be played time and time again. To fully appreciate the game, one must play it for themselves. Watching someone doesn’t do the game justice. Playing the game hands on is a totally different ballpark.

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    DOOM Eternal is gaming bliss from start to finish. No other FPS compares to the overwhelming combat and presentation of DOOM Eternal.
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    DOOM Eternal is gaming bliss from start to finish. No other FPS compares to the overwhelming combat and presentation of DOOM Eternal.Review: DOOM Eternal is one the best FPS I've ever played