Hideki Kamiya states that Astral Chain’s detective elements were toned down for the final release

    Astral Chain has some interesting detective elements in the final release, but those were originally larger in scope prior to release. According to a recent Famitsu interview with Hideki Kamiya, these detective segments were toned down than they were originally planned to be. Here are excerpts from Hideki Kamiya and Takahisa Taura, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

    Kamiya: We actually toned that stuff down in the retail release. During development, things were more scattered and less automatic, in a way. We wanted it to be very manual, but it ended up bogging the experience down.

    Taura seemed kind of worried about the amount of content during development, but I knew there was enough there. I had this feeling of déjà vu when telling him not to worry about it, though – I’ve been in his exact position before. But after all that, you know what players ended up talking about the most? The butts.

    Taura states that he’s glad the Photo Mode feature was implemented in Astral Chain and wished the same for NieR Automata. However, Yoko Taro didn’t care too much for that feature in the game.

    Taura: I really wanted a Photo Mode to be a part of [Astral Chain], so I’m very glad we could implement it. Actually, I really wanted to include a Photo Mode in NieR: Automata, but Yoko didn’t care about it so I couldn’t put it in. Well… maybe it was more of a case of us not having enough time.

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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