My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review: A Superhero ANIME MOVIE With CRAZY ACTION!

    My Hero Academia movies are constantly pushing the potential of the series to new heights while proving animated films featuring superheroes are always worth a watch. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is the anime movie that excels on almost every level while staying true to its source material & evolving from the last film.

    This film was such a fun watch in almost every way & can be seen by anyone for a very great, action-packed film experience. My Hero Academia is constantly pushing it’s writing with a lot of various themes about hope, determination & never giving up. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising constantly keeps that same energy throughout the whole film, taking risks with focusing on everyone’s development & not focusing specifically on Deku & Bakugo (his rival). Image result for my hero academia heroes rising

    My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is the 2nd film from my hero academia series which is directed by Kenji Nagasaki & written by Yôsuke Kuroda. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is About a group of teenagers aspiring to become professional superheroes that fight in a world full of people with abilities, also called quirks. Deku and his classmates from U.A. High School is sent to Nabu island performing temporary hero duties for the residents, which amounts to minor deeds as the island is virtually crime-free until one day villains attack.

    What Makes My Hero Academia Heroes Rising so special?!

    One of the biggest things about My Hero Academia is how the main protagonist interacts with his classmates. This was a huge complaint in My Hero Academia’s first film, Two Heroes because Half the classmates were actively in the plot, while characters such as Tsukuyomi, Ojiro, and Seto were barely present in the film at all. However, in My Hero Academia Heroes Rising, this is no longer an issue because of the whole cast of characters from the U.A. High School all played a vital role in the plot of the film. Every character had a role and everyone’s main goal was to protect the residents of Nabu Island, while they also fought off the villains in the film for over half the movie. Image result for my hero academia heroes rising

    In this film, you will see characters shine that even from the anime & manga didn’t even get this much screen time. You will see all your favorite heroes blossom unbelievably well into the story. Many Shonen Anime films struggle with incorporating various characters or giving them a lot of screen time. While that may not be true for every anime film or the intention of directors such as Dragonball Super Broly, it’s nice to see a perfect balance of the main protagonist Deku, & his classmates thrive in Heroes rising.

    This alone makes the movie very special because it caters to every single My Hero Academia fan. The appeal of every character flourishes so strong in Heroes Rising, that you’re going have a hard figuring out who was your favorite because everyone was just that good. I guarantee you that if you’re a fan of My Hero Academia and have a character you dislike; this film will potentially change your mind about almost every character for the good & better, whoever they are. Image result for my hero academia heroes rising


    The action sequences of the movie were amazing to the point that I felt like I was watching an animated avenger’s movie but with anime characters. The Plot of Heroes Rising wasn’t groundbreaking but very solid, but the Heroes Rising fight scenes are some of the best in the whole series. The animation of My hero Academia Heroes Rising is beautifully done by Studio Bones & this is some of there best work ever with My Hero Academia. The Characters all fight to there very limit & every moment is super exhilarating. If you want a comparison of how good the action scenes were, think about Kimetsu No Yaiba: Demon Slayer but pretty much the whole movie with Studio Bones style.

    Heroes Rising action/fight choreography was also heightened by the amazing soundtrack of the film. The features iconic music from the series such as “You Say Run” by Yûki Hayashi which make the series have some of the coolest moments because of this. There is one OST in the film that is just heartwarmingly powerful & it just makes you feel like you’re apart of the heroes in My Hero Academia!!

    Image result for my hero academia heroes rising

    The villains in the movie were very powerful and destructive as it should be in most superhero films. Nine (antagonist of My Hero Academia HEROES RISING) would destroy everything that could get in his way. Heroes Rising backstory of nine was very potent to understanding why his morales & view of society are skewed in the direction of evil. He is arguably so far one of the best My Hero Academia Villians based on his powers, character design & abilities.


    My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is an amazing film based on the source material and it was a fun watch. In an interview for My Hero Academia: HEROES RISING, Director Nagasaki Kenji from Newtype January 2020 Magazine translated by reddit user aitaikimochi, expresses his vision and direction for creating this film. Nagasaki states, “The first thing we decided was that because the previous movie didn’t feature every single Class A member, we wanted to make sure that this movie would include all of them. We also wanted to add a bit of comedic humor, such as “working for a hero agency is super hard.” BNHA weaves elements of the workplace into its story [such as among pro-heroes] so we thought that would be something fun”. I will honestly say Nagasaki has achieved his goal with this film and my hero fans couldn’t be even happier.

    My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is a MUST SEE for fans of the My Hero Academia franchise. Even if you’ve never watched My Hero academia a day in your life, you will be appalled by how much action is on the screen, how all the characters interact, and how emotional and powerful every moment could be. Heroes Rising Animation & the film overall is a huge step up from the first movie, My Hero Academia Two Heroes & I will say that this is very PLUS Ultra for everyone. I highly recommend anime fan or not to please go watch My Hero Academia Heroes Rising in theaters! Image result for my hero academia heroes rising

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