Yacht Club Games has highlighted Patch 4.1 in their Yacht Club Games Presents earlier today. In it they revealed that players will be able to play Joutus online with friends! You can make your deck, and even customize the boards! They are also adding a 1:1 Pixel Scaling for the ultimate crispness! Yacht Club Games also went on and covered Shovel Knight Showdown changes. These included some characters getting nerfed that could fly. Now all characters in the game can destroy dirt blocks! Finally there is a new Gauntlet Mode that lets players play Target Mode differently. When players hit a bonus target they get changed to a different character instantly. This new mode can only be accessed by a cheat code! All you need to do is Hold Parry + Sub Weapon while the VS Screen Disappears!

Stay tuned for more on Shovel Knight Treasure Trove at Final Weapon!