Journey to the Savage Planet most likely coming to Switch after retailer leaks

    Seems like Journey to the Savage Planet might be making a journey to the Nintendo Switch.

    A listing for the game on Amazon Japan was reported Monday by GoNintendo. This comes after a similar listing was found on retailer Deep Discount a few days before, with both sites listing the game for a price of around $30 with a June 30th release date.

    Speculation around a Switch port has been brewing ever since ratings for one popped up on both Brazil’s DJCTQ rating board as well as the ESRB.

    Typhoon Studios creative director Alex Hutchinson has previously said that a Switch port was being considered, saying to the Game Informer Show in December, “if we could ever get a Switch version together, I think it would be brilliant to have the two people next to each other, so we’re looking into it.” He also stated that at the time they were “still figuring out how to handle [a Switch port],” and that another company would probably work on it.

    At this rate, it seems like a Switch version of the game is more or less confirmed, if anything it’s just a matter of time as to when it will get announced.

    Journey to the Savage Planet launched on January 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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