Famitsu: Sakurai has no plans for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC after Fighters Pass 2

    If you were hoping for Smash Ultimate to continue after Fighters Pass 2, prepare to be disappointed.

    In his column for this week’s Weekly Famitsu, leaked by Ryokutya and translated by translator PushDustIn, director Masahiro Sakurai states there won’t be any DLC after the next six fighters are released as the game will be more or less done.

    Interestingly, he also mentions that Nintendo are the ones that decided which characters are considered for Smash, and that he did not.

    More details from Sakurai’s column are pending, so be sure to stay tuned at Final Weapon for all the latest Japanese gaming news!

    Update 2/18 11 PM: More news from Sakurai’s Famitsu column has been translated courtesy of PushDustIn.

    Talking about his work on Smash Ultimate, Sakurai says that given how hasn’t been able to work on anything else, he wouldn’t be able to work on any new projects. He doesn’t mind this though, as he wants to keep working to make others happy.

    In regards to the future of Super Smash Bros., he states that he doesn’t know what will happen as no future entries are planned, although he mentions that a new game likely won’t come out until there is new hardware released. He says that adding content to Smash Ultimate extends its life gradually, so he plans to give Fighters Pass 2 his all.

    Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!

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