JAEPO 2020 News Roundup: SEGA

    This year, Final Weapon had the chance to go and cover the Japanese Arcade and Amusement Expo in Chiba, Japan to see all of the newest arcade games being released onto the market in 2020 and beyond.
    As with every year at JAEPO, most of the news comes from 4 or 5 major companies. This article will be covering news from SEGA’s booth at JAEPO.

    To start with, SEGA was showcasing the new Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympic games arcade version at JAEPO this year. These sport a new cabinet design so it won’t be possible to directly update existing machines running the Rio 2016 version of the arcade game.
    At the time of writing this title is already beginning to pop up in arcades across Japan.

    Probably the most noteworthy reveal at the event was SEGA’s renewed push for their APM3 service (ALL.NET P-ras MULTI). APM3 is a service similar to Taito’s existing NessicaXLive in that it allows basic cabinets to run a variety of games which can be picked by the player upon putting in a credit.
    Among the list of new games showing up on the APM3 platform were a few major headliners, namely Guilty Gear -Strive-, Fighting Climax Ignition APM3 and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r].
    Currently no word on when these titles are getting their official release on the APM3 service but I would expect it to be sooner rather than later. SEGA did not mention any plans for a worldwide release of the APM3 system either.

    That wraps up most of the major announcements for SEGA this year. Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more news on JAEPO 2020.

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