Atlus has released another Morgana Report for Persona 5 Scramble! This time, the city of Sapporo and strengthening Personas are the focus. Here are all the details courtesy of Gematsu

Sapporo is a romantic city and home to hot springs, historical buildings and much more. The city is also home to politician Mariko Hyoudou. She is gathering support of the people with her enthusiastic attitude but something is strange about her popularity.  The Icy Jail awaits the Phantom Thieves in Sapporo, a sad but beautiful world frozen to its core. Familiar Personas and ice based puzzles await them here. 

Personas may be strengthen just like in Persona 5. Personas can be obtained by picking up masks of defeated Shadows in the battlefield. In the Velvet Room, players may expect all traditional features to return such as Persona Execution, Advanced Fusions and more. In addition Persona Points may be obtained here and in battle to grow Personas’ stats even further. Skill cards may be used to give Personas a specific skill. 

Here’s the latest Morgana Report: 

Persona 5 Scramble releases on February 20th for PS4 and Switch in Japan. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!