Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides releasing tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

    The final set of new operators and rework of the map Theme Park will release tomorrow December 3rd for console and PC at these specific times below:

    Operation Shifting Tides will introduce two new operators alongside a complete rework of the map Theme Park.

    Operator Kali is an attacker that will wield a dangerous weapon that can breach barricades and hatches in a single shot, and create big holes in breakable walls. The LV is its under-barrel, and it can be used at the same time as the CSRX 300’s scopes.

    The LV is not your typical explosive. Just like the rifle, it can breach barricades and hatches, but it can also destroy Castle’s Armor Panels. These are not its main functions, however.

    Its role is to destroy gadgets with a light explosion within a set radius. When used on a breakable wall, it will create a hole slightly smaller than what the sniper rifle would do. When shot at a reinforced wall, however, it simply lodges in surface.

    In either case, it destroys all gadgets on both sides of breakable and reinforced surfaces. This makes it especially effective when played in tandem with a hard breach Operator like Thermite or Hibana.

    The second operator arriving tomorrow is defender Wamai.

    Wamai’s gadget changes the game when it comes to ordnance suppression. Where his colleagues can disable and destroy, he redirects.

    The Mag-NET System is a thrown, adhesive gadget. It sticks to surfaces and waits. Its function is to attract an opponent’s projectile to its position, and then self-destruct to detonate that projectile.

    This way, not only can Wamai make Attackers’ grenades and projectile gadgets useless, he can also use strategic placement to turn those projectiles against them. There’s nothing quite like a commandeered stun or frag grenade to turn the tide in Wamai’s favor.

    Starting with one Mag-NET, Wamai regularly gains an additional charge up to a maximum of five. Make sure to place them wisely, as they can be destroyed with a single hit should they be spotted.

    For more information on tomorrow’s launch of Operation Shifting Tides, head to the official R6 page for more details!

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