Vanillaware President George Kamitani recently talked to Famitsu for their weekly issue and explained some interesting details about their past titles. The company struggled to get their games published by SEGA, Atlus and Capcom at the time. Luckily, they were fortunate enough to have Marvelous help out with Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii. Muramasa went on to become a success for Vanillaware even though publishers doubted the title.

Dragon’s Crown is another case of development and publishing gone differently than anticipated. Most fans recognize Dragon’s Crown as a PlayStation title showing up on the PS Vita and PS4. However, it was originally in development for the Wii just like Muramasa. The project was pitched to Capcom and seemed to go according to plan until a higher-up showed up. The Capcom higher-up asks “But can it sell like Monster Hunter?”. From there, ties were cut with Capcom and Ignition Entertainment would pick up publishing rights to Dragon’s Crown. The publishing rights were then transferred to Atlus in 2012. In a case of irony, Vanillaware’s games would eventually come to be under the SEGA/Atlus umbrella.

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