EA will be returning to Steam soon, seems to be pushing older titles but newer titles might come as well

    Since 2012, EA has yet to put out a game on Valve’s service outside of a few Sims 3 expansions the following year. Up until now they’ve been releasing games on their exclusive Origin launcher but that’s about to change soon because the publisher is now teasing a return to the platform.

    It was first spotted by @RobotBrush on Twitter who saw an Origin test app on SteamDB. Soon after, both the Dragon Age 2 and The Saboteur pages surfaced with recent updates applied. Dragon Age 2 was previously sold on Steam up until 2014 while The Saboteur was never sold on the platform. Based on these observations, it seems like EA’s return to Steam will focus on older titles first but don’t be surprised if we get newer titles as well. Especially considering that several games have been delisted over the last couple of years. These include Alice Madness Returns, Battlefield 2 and The Godfather 1 & 2. Stay tuned for more info.

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