Opinion: Activision Blizzard is such a public embarrassment of a company that boycotting them is actually a good idea

    This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone but Activision Blizzard is such a god awful company. In case you’re unaware they recently banned a Chinese player and both commentators during a Hearthstone match on Monday night. To say this is a public embarrassment would be an understatement. I was already skeptical of the company but this is just absolutely disgusting, I have zero faith in this company anymore and they’ve essentially started to go full on damage control.

    Thousands of people over the last 48 hours have tried to delete their Blizzard account but no success because they disabled all authentication methods to actively stop people from deleting their accounts. It might actually be against the law to do this but either way people are understandably pissed. Honestly I have zero issues if you decided to boycott the company and in fact I’m even gonna encourage it. Not to mention Overwatch is coming to Switch next week and it’s gonna be an absolute joke of a release.

    Not only is Overwatch coming to Switch way too late but physical copies are effectively useless because they don’t come on a cartridge and require a full game download. Blizzcon is also next month which obviously is gonna be a glorious disaster. Blizzard is likely not gonna allow a Q&A session so you can expect them to hide their hands behind their back. I haven’t even mentioned the Activision side because that’s a whole nother story.

    Activision is essentially driving Blizzard into the ground and sucking nearly any form of quality. Modern Warfare is scheduled to release this month and on top of a 175GB install on PC and lying about loot boxes, you know despite them saying it wouldn’t have that. Crash Bandicoot isn’t safe either unfortunately, CTR was released with no microtransactions and then in an update they implemented them via the in-game shop. While you can earn in-game currency by playing the game and everything is cosmetic, the fact that Activision implemented this in is disgusting.

    I could go on and on about the whole situation including Bungie who did the right thing by splitting off from Activision and not only putting Destiny 2 on Steam but also making it free to play and adjusting the microtransactions to be more fair. My point is that this company has basically outdone both EA and Epic in terms of worst company in the industry. This would usually be the part of my article where I give a suggestion or try to be optimistic but honestly I don’t think that’s fair. That’s why I think boycott the company and sitting back and enjoying the trainwreck would be the best option, and hey Blizzcon is in 3 weeks.

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