Daemon X Machina is an enigma on the Nintendo Switch. Its a brand new exclusive mecha game developed by Marvelous and published by Nintendo. The development team includes ex-From Software developers who worked on Armored Core. This game released between a plethora of releases including Astral Chain, Dragon Quest XI S, Links Awakening and much more. Fall 2019 will be busy but here’s why Daemon X Machina might be worth giving a shot in this chaotic time for games.


Set in a world after the Moon imploded a massive piece of its crust onto the Earth, Orbital has set its sights on restoring balance. Many mercenary groups and organizations are created in an effort to maintain order in the world as well as pursue their own interests. The game takes place on a devastated part of Earth called the Oval Link. Here, Orbital sends these groups on missions to help maintain the balance among the land and its organizations.  Once you create your character, your journey as the Rookie begins with Arsenal training. This is where the tutorial begins. Once finished, the player character takes on missions within the Oval Link. These missions are obtained from Orbital and other organizations like Sky Union, Horizon and Zen.

As the story progress, the Rookie is drawn into other factions and their conflicts. These conflicts are smaller pieces of the bigger picture, a larger plot that is about to determine the future of the world. In addition, various encounters with characters such as Crow, Brigadier General and Gun Empress shape the story. Events will test the morality and abilities of the mercenaries trying to change the world with their own ambitions. Questions are raised about their own purposes within the Oval Link and why they fight each other. Why did the Moon fail and why is the Orbital A.I Four so advanced? Progressing through the missions and mercenary ranks will get the Rookie closer to those answers. Overall, the story will hit home with mecha fans of past and new.

(Dialogue is fully voice acted)


Arsenals allow for fast paced combat and thrills in the field. Arsenals carry multiply weapons and gadgets for a variety of situations, being able to boost across air and ground. Mastering boost and lock-on mechanics will give players an edge in the battlefield. Players may destroy enemy Arsenals in missions and obtain loot from them.  In turn, completing missions and destroying Arsenals helps players advance their own Arsenal to their liking. Want to use an acid gun or rocket launcher to melt a boss? Duel wield sub-machine guns? Maybe arm yourself with a beam katana? Loot it in the field or build it and equip it in the Hangar.

Players may develop new weapons and customize them with attachments.  Equipped armor and weapons affect other stats in the game like overall damage output, durability and movement. The possibilities in customization seem endless and the gun-play allows Daemon X Machina to have a very satisfying feel in combat. Players may even hop out of their Arsenal and engage in combat on foot as an Outer. Furthermore, the gameplay is complemented by smooth and hard locked 30 fps. This holds true even in portable mode. The game has undergone many optimizations thanks to demos and feedback!


Daemon X Machina’s main form of content is delivered through missions. Daemon X Machina’s delivery of content is similar to God Eater or Monster Hunter. Offer Missions are story missions and Free Missions are optional but yield many rewards like weapons, decals and partners that can be enlisted. At the home base, players may customize their Outer appearance and abilities in the lab or enjoy some ice cream in between missions. Visit the Multiplayer terminal to engage in co-op missions and soon, PvP will be added as well. After the main story, players are able to replay past story missions to gain more loot or improve results.

Daemon X Machina delivers on what it was made to do, create a new mecha experience for modern day gamers and fans. In a busy 2019 release schedule, this game landed in an unfortunate spot. However, that makes it a gem waiting to be discover. Daemon X Machina is the Switch’s sleeper hit this year. The Oval Link needs more heroes.


Product was purchased by the reviewer and not obtained via review code from Nintendo.

Daemon X Machina
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