Castle Crashers Remastered coming to the Switch on September 17th

    You may have played this classic Xbox 360 hit back in the day. It was regarded as one of the best games to come out of that console’s indie department, let alone the console itself. If you’re looking to relive those glory days though, this may very well be your chance. The remaster of Castle Crashers is on its way to the Nintendo Switch! The team behind the game, Behemoth Games, announced the news on their Youtube channel today.

    Castle Crashers on its own is a 2D beat-em-up game. You take control of one of several characters who feature different abilities in order to take on different levels. The princesses are gone, and it’s your team’s job to get them back. The remaster on the other hand, updates the game in order to be more appealing for players these days. It features higher quality textures, an improved frame rate, a new mini-game, and more!

    Switch users won’t have to wait long for this either. Castle Crashers Remastered fights its way onto the Switch on September 17th. If you’d like more information, you can watch the official trailer for the game here.

    Planning on playing the Switch version of Castle Crashers Remastered? Be sure to let us know!

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
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