Firewall Zero Hour celebrates one year anniversary with double XP and free week

    First Contact Entertainment has been having a fantastic year with the huge hit Firewall Zero Hour. It’s already been one year and like many gamers, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

    In a tweet to celebrate the one year anniversary, First Contact is giving players a full week to try the game out for free along with giving out double XP to help with the grind.

    From August 28th to September 2nd, you can make your grind a little bit easier by taking advantage of some double XP.

    In Firewall Zero Hour, you can choose from one of 12 contractors hired by anonymous contract handlers and work as a team to either protect or obtain valuable data, housed on a laptop and located in dangerous locations around the globe.

    Each team’s anonymous contract handler acts as their ‘eye in the sky’ and guides each match by providing objectives and critical information along the way. Accomplish your objectives through highly coordinated teamwork, taking advantage of an arsenal of modern weapons and equipment to succeed.

    PSVR owners should download and try it out now!

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