Rumor: Microsoft title to be revealed at Nintendo’s upcoming Indie World presentation, two games to release after presentation

    Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, has released brand new information on Nintendo’s upcoming Indie World presentation.

    We’re going to see another Microsoft / Xbox first game at the IndieWorld Direct on Monday.

    So far we’ve had Minecraft, Cuphead and Super Lucky’s Tale that have been Xbox exclusives come to Switch.

    If you’ve been following rumors/leaks you can probably guess this one.

    Two games will be shadow dropped. Both games are Hot.

    We’ll also get solid 2019 release dates for Creature in the Well, Blasphemous, Northgard, Trine 4, One Finger Death Punch 2, Skellboy and a few others.

    2019 and 2020 release windows for other games.

    Worth a watch.

    As for what the Microsoft title could be? We already have Minecraft and Cuphead, and we also have a confirmed release date for New Super Lucky’s Tale. One title is brought to mind, which happens to be a title that has been rumored to come to the Nintendo Switch for quite some time. That game is Ori and the Blind Forest. It makes quite a bit of sense, and has been heavily rumored for quite some time.

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    We’ll be sure to update you if Daniel Ahmad makes any more comments.

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