Dr. Mario World generates $1.4 Million in player spendings; Trailing behind Nintendo’s other mobile games

    According to a recent report from Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World is trailing behind Nintendo’s other mobile games in revenue. Dr. Mario World is a puzzle solving game, released on iOS and Android. The game is pretty heavy with in-app purchases, which could be a reason for the lower sales.

    The game, co-developed with Tokyo-based app maker LINE and launched on July 10, generated $1.4 million in player spending over its first 30 days, a far cry from the previous four mobile titles debuted by Nintendo. The biggest mobile game launch for the company came with 2017’s Fire Emblem Heroes in February that year at $67.6 million for its first month. 2016’s Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first mobile offering, holds the second spot with $30.5 million, while last fall’s Dragalia Lost and 2017’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp round out the rest of the list with $26.4 million and $13.6 million, respectively.

    Still, Dr. Mario World delivered a sizeable number of installs at 7.4 million, though, even then, the only title with less in its first month was Dragalia Lost, which recently became Nintendo’s second-highest mobile earner when it crossed the $100 million mark last month. What the install numbers show in relation with the revenue generated is that Dr. Mario World lags far behind Nintendo’s other mobile titles at just $0.19 spent per install (for comparison, Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s best performer by this metric, generated $16.50 per download over its first 30 days).

    What is promising, however, is that Dr. Mario World outperformed a number of other puzzle games based on licensed IP from competing mobile companies. Jam City’s Snoopy Pop+, launched in July 2017 and based off the popular Peanuts character, generated an estimated $1 million in player spending and registered two million installs in its first 30 days, according to Sensor Tower.


    Dr. Mario World is available right now on iOS and Android.

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