Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Winds of Magic releases August 13th

    Fans of Vermintide 2 rejoice! The upcoming Winds of Magic expansion has been announced to release on August 13th for all platforms. Fatshark took to a stream on their official Twitch page to both announce the news and open up pre-orders.

    Winds of Magic will bring an entirely new faction into the Reikland, known as the Beastmen. The five heroes must stop this new enemy and the pre-existing ones from claiming it as a Herdstone and bringing disaster to the empire. This new faction isn’t all that’s changed though. There will also be a heightened level cap and new difficulty for players to progress through (with new talents for each tree). The game will also introduce an entirely new level, new weapons for each of the heroes, and more! You can read more details regarding the expansion here.

    Winds of Magic soars into the game August 13th for $19.99, but pre-ordering right now grants access to the Open Beta. This open beta lasts all the way till release, leaving you plenty of time to test things out.

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is co-op action game developed and published by Fatshark. In the game, you take on one of five heroes on a quest to end hordes of Rotbloods and Skaven. The game is currently having a sale, available for just $8.49 on PC. Otherwise, it’s available for Xbox One and PS4 as well.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
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