Vampyr, Warhammer: Chaosbane, and more coming to Origin Access

    If you’re a subscriber to EA’s Origin Access program, you have a lot to look forward to this month. EA have announced today that eight more titles will be coming to the Origin Access program. One of those games is for strictly Premier subscribers. Those eight games are as follows:

    Vampyr – Considered a sleeper hit by many, you must traverse the streets of London in order to save (or feed on) the people. Use the upgrades you have at your disposal to accomplish these tasks in a story rich campaign.

    Warhammer: Chaosbane – An action RPG in which you save a world ravaged by the hordes of chaos. This game is the only Premier game on this list, and sits at around a 70% as well

    Overcooked – Serve dishes and yell at your friends in this cooking sim developed by Ghost Town Games. This game is at around an 80%, especially good for a group of IRL friends.

    The Escapists – A classic top down prison escape game, filled with all the silliness you’d expect. With a 75% average, this is worth getting into (and escaping).

    Mugsters – You must use your tools in order to take out aliens and save humanity in this puzzle game. The game has a 70% average score.

    Yoku’s Island Express – If platformers are your thing, then Yoku’s has you covered. With the uniqueness of pinball added into the mix, this game is definitely one you’ll want to have a go at.

    Dear Esther – For those of you who really enjoy story-driven games, you’ll love Dear Esther. Read through letters to a husband’s deceased wife and discover what truly led you to where you are now.

    Renowned Explorers: International Society – For fans of turn-based strategy games, you might want to try this title. You must assemble a team of three unique characters in order to conquer all the different expeditions. This title is a 70% score, being worth a solid attempt.

    And that’s all for this month of Origin Access. If you haven’t heard of it already, Origin Access is a subscription program from EA. You can pay a premium every month in order to play a host of titles, with Premier offering newer and bigger titles in its lineup. If you’re looking to sign up, you can do so here. These titles will come to the program on August 20th.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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