Ducktales Remastered is being delisted off digital storefronts this week

    Capcom has announced that Ducktales Remastered is being delisted off digital storefronts starting with Xbox 360 on August 8. Steam, Wii U and PS3 will be delisted on August 9.  This is yet another case of the all digital future taking its toll. Presumably the reason Capcom is doing this is because the license has expired.

    I enjoyed Ducktales Remastered when I played it on PC and aside from a game breaking bug (Which has yet to be fixed) I really enjoyed it. They even managed to get Alan Young to voice Scrooge McDuck in his final performance as the character. Luckily this game did get a physical release on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. However that wasn’t the case with the PC version and as such once that version is gone, there will be no longer be anyway to play it unless you own it or pirate it. As a result, I posted a thread on my Twitter that has listing for it.

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