Steam free weekend games – Weekend of August 2nd

    Welcome back to our weekly segment where we look at all the games you can play for free this weekend on Steam. This weekend is extra special, as Steam is celebrating EVO with a bunch of sales for fighting games. Fighting game enthusiasts should enjoy this weekend, with lots to put some time into. Without further adieu, here’s everything you can play for free this weekend!

    Starting out we have Street Fighter V. This is the latest mainline title in the cult classic Street Fighter franchise. Developed by Capcom, you play as one of 16 iconic characters from the series and go head-to-head in multiplayer or singleplayer to claim victory. The game has a recent recommendation rate of 70%, as well as being the one game on this list available for longer than the weekend (9 days to be exact).

    Next up is Dragon Ball FighterZ, which seeks to take what’s great from the series, and focus a game around it. From developer Arc System Works, you take control of iconic Dragon Ball characters and take part in epic battles. Having epic battles akin to the series, Dragon Ball fans love and will love this game. The recommendation rate of 84% further proves this point.

    Following that is BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. This game is a crossover of BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY (I’m as confused as you are). You take control of characters from each of the different games, taking part in 2v2 battles. All the craziness is of course included here, with great mechanics and smooth gameplay to boot. Overall, the game has a 75% recommendation rate, and appears worth checking out for fans of those series.
    Finally, there’s UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]. A title from FRENCH-BREAD (what a name), you take control of one of twenty characters to fight through the Hollow Night and claim victory. Selling itself on a wide range of combos and solid 2D fighter controls, you can expect a lot of good from this game. It also sits at a 94% recommendation rate, the highest of all on this list.

    And that’s all the games available for free right now! If you’re going to dive into any of these games, be sure to give us your thoughts. If you want to see these games and more in action, be sure to check out EVO. Otherwise, have a good weekend everyone.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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