Ooblets is now an Epic exclusive, and it’s a PR nightmare

    So, chances are by now that you’ve heard about Ooblets from some place or another. It’s a little life sim game being developed and published by two people. It’s not super popular, but there’s been a solid amount of patron supporters (around 1100 in fact). The game was exciting for those in its small community. The reason “was” is there is because, as you’ve seen from the title, the game is now an Epic exclusive. Obviously that’s not great for PR, but it looks like the developers have chosen to express their views publicly. To say the least, it’s not looking pretty.

    For starters, they wrote up an entire blog post regarding EGS and their choice to move over that. In it, they talked very condescendingly towards those who are anti-EGS. Here’s an example of that very tone:

    “You’ll have to install EGS if you wanna buy Ooblets on PC. I know that’s asking a lot but I believe in you and your ability to download a free thing and create a user account (if you haven’t already done so to play Fortnite which I KNOW YOU HAVE).”

    That alone isn’t pretty, but unfortunately is one of the more tame things they’ve said publicly. Their Discord server had a lot more interesting moments, and you can read some of them here (thank you u/Slawrfp for the images).

    Ooblets will release for PC and Xbox One sometime in the future.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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