Gears 5 will use TrueMatch for multiplayer

    While Xbox Game Pass subscribers get to participate in weekend Gears 5 Tech Tests to get a feel of some of the multiplayer modes, the team at The Coalition keeps throwing more details about the game our way.

    TrueMatch is a new multiplayer technology that will use Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing to dynamically adjust match matching parameters based on where you are, the population around you, and your overall Skill Rating. In terms of competition, matches should be or fair to the player and also a lot more responsive if other players are closer to you geographically. To see how effective TrueMatch can really be, we’ll have to wait until its release day on September 10th of this year.

    Another Gears 5 Tech Test will take place this weekend so be sure to look out for that if you didn’t get enough last weekend.


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