Google Stadia AMA – expanding catalog of free games for Pro, achievement system confirmed, another Stadia Connect is “soon”, and more

    Recently, Google decided to hold an ask me anything on Reddit. Andrey Doronichev, the Director of Product for Stadia answered various questions that needed clarification, or questions that had never been asked before. Here is a bullet point of all the notable information that was shared during this AMA.

    • Stadia Pro is not a Netflix of games, roughly one free game per month
    • Achievements confirmed for Google Stadia, although they won’t be there at launch
    • There will be no free to play games available on Stadia Base
    • Stadia Pro is a growing pool of free games as long as you’re subscribed
    • If you stop subscribing to Stadia Pro, and then decide to subscribe again, you will regain access to the free games that are offered to Stadia Pro subscribers
    • Stadia will support takeout, which will let you download your games metadata, including saves
    • At Stadia launch, you will be able to manage your friends list, create parties, and use platform level voice chat
    • Family sharing will be available early next year
    • Google is aiming to have Stadia on every mobile device, including Android and iOS devices
    • No mod support at launch
    • The next Google Stadia Connect is “sooner than you think”

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