Gears 5 Tech Test impressions with Arcade Mode

    Today, the Gears 5 Tech Test has been released for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One and PC. After playing a handful of matches in the Arcade Mode, I left pretty impressed.

    The Tech Test when first loading up sends you to the all new Bootcamp where you’ll learn all the basic moves and mechanics all over again. I think it took me roughly 10-15 minutes to complete, but I was taking my time checking out the bright colors and playing around with the movements while getting through Bootcamp.

    After finishing Bootcamp, I was ready to head into multiplayer and die every time I would spawn just like old times. Gears of War multiplayer and I never have got along, but I was anxious to try out the new Arcade Mode to see what it was all about.

    Joining matches varied for me. I was either waiting just a few minutes or up to about five plus minutes to get into a match. While waiting for other players to join up, you can browse the unlocks for your character from weapon skins to emotes and banners.

    First of all, upon first few minutes of play, the graphics and gameplay were fantastic. I don’t think I experienced any bad frame rate issues or any resolution drops.

    Dropping in and out of cover was smooth, shooting mechanics were solid, and the executions were just as gory as ever. Throughout the new mode, you collect ‘skulls’ and after you get a set number of skulls, just click the Y button and you are given some options on some upgraded throwables and weapons. Depending on the character, the upgrades will differ anywhere from the Gnasher to the Longshot and even incendiary grenades.

    After diving into Arcade Mode for the first time and having some time with it, I am left pretty impressed. The action was intense, and the shooting was satisfying to say the least. I think this new game mode will become pretty popular, especially with the newbies who haven’t really experienced previous Gears of War games online.

    Next time, I’ll be diving into some Ranked Modes to give my thoughts about the different modes depending on if the wait times are still long.

    Just a reminder to Xbox Game Pass console and PC subscribers that the Gears 5 Tech Test is available for free right now until Sunday July 21st.


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