You can date whoever you want in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo confirms.

    The newest Fire Emblem entry brings many novelties to the gigantic plate that is Nintendo’s epic strategy fantasy IP.


    Three Houses is set in Fódlan, a whole world split into three main nations controlled by obviously three distinct bloodlines. Hence the name Three Houses, the player will be able to pick their house between the three and put their life on the line for the glory of the chosen nation. But the choices don’t stop here. While Nintendo confirmed months ago that dates and romance options are a thing in this game, they recently just confirmed to site USGamer that you can about romance anyone, including same-sex relationships.

    Unfortunately, we still do not know the extent of said mechanic and if it’s going to have a true impact on the story and different relationships with characters or if you can literally date anyone without any repercussions à-la Persona 5 but it still is an excellent feature to have as Fire Emblem Three Houses clearly doesn’t shy away from having gorgeous characters that some of us would love to know…more intimately.

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical-JRPG releasing the 26th of July worldwide, this year, exclusively to Nintendo Switch. It is developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games and published by Nintendo. We are personally excited and we even dropped a poll earlier today just to test waters! Now, we have an idea of which house our readers are aiming towards the most, and so far, it seems like most of you are team Black Eagles!

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