Part of Nintendo Switch production has moved to Vietnam

    It appears that Nintendo has moved some of the manufacturing of the Nintendo Switch to Vietnam. This is likely in order to avoid the potential tariffs being put on video game consoles by the US. The news was first broken by the Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes in an article today.

    The piece details that this production branch will be getting Switches to the US. This backs up the theory that it’s to counter US tariffs. Hosiden, one of Nintendo’s main manufacturers is reportedly managing this change. Foxconn Electronics will also be available to help with the switch. The production facilities will be in Bac Giang, one of Vietnam’s provinces.

    Despite all this happening right now, the Nintendo Switch still has roughly 90% of its production still in China. This is backed up by a letter to US Congress from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony asking for the tariffs to not be put in place. In it, they detailed that 96% of all consoles are made directly from China, with companies like Microsoft having other production countries like Mexico.

    Provided this all doesn’t work out and tariffs are put in place, gamers can expect a large price hike on consoles. What are your thoughts on the tariffs? Do you think Nintendo is making a good choice? Let us know

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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