Nintendo announces Tetris 99 Maximus Cup 5 featuring Splatoon!

    Nintendo has announced the theme for Maximus Cup 5 – Splatoon! In honor of the final Splatfest happening soon, Maximus Cup 5 will start on July 7, and go until the 15th. Players are encouraged to get 100 points through online matches so the event theme can be saved on their game permanently.

    The last Maximus Cup to feature a custom theme for Tetris 99 was the third, when the Big Block DLC was introduced, adding offline modes and future DLC to the multiplayer Tetris battler. Maximus Cup 3 also featured a custom “retro” Tetris theme, complete with old school music and graphics.

    Tetris 99 has quickly become a popular feature of Nintendo Switch Online, as all Online subscribers get it as a free download along with the NES Classic Library of games. The release of the optional Big Block DLC pack for $9.99 was a welcome addition, as it enabled players to play offline against the computer to be the last one standing.

    This upcoming fifth Maximus Cup looks to be a great one and it looks like it’ll pay tribute to one of the most popular multiplayer titles on the Switch.

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