It should come as no surprise that Bioware is in trouble. They’ve suffered through many departures and rough developments in the last few years. The latest victims are Ben Irving who was the Lead Producer on Anthem and Fernando Melo who was the Lead Producer for the next Dragon Age. That just brings the next Bioware game into question. For those who don’t know, a new Dragon Age was announced last year at The Game Awards with a CG trailer. Nothing else was detailed other than it would be something related to the series. It didn’t really as to why they would announce something this close to Anthem’s release. It didn’t help that Anthem failed to meet EA’s expectations, this came directly after Mass Effect Andromeda. I realized soon enough that Bioware as a company was sinking.

So why do I think Bioware is essentially screwed? Why do I think the new Dragon Age will be cancelled? The answer is quite simple, EA most likely has Bioware on a deathbed and is scraping every last ounce before they absorb them into their own company. They’ll likely shut the studio down in the next two years. This isn’t new as EA is infamous for closing underperforming studios such as Visceral Games and Danger Close. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Bioware fall into this trap.

It is a shame because hundreds of people will lose their jobs but here’s the thing, they deserve better. EA really isn’t a good publisher to work with. Unless you’re a long running series like Madden or Battlefield then it’s likely that game will be overshadowed or marketed horribly. Bioware has continued to be a shadow of its former self and there’s basically nothing the studio can do at this point. They kind of put themselves in this position even though they had EA dragging their legs.

As for why I think the next Dragon Age will be cancelled, it’s pretty much the same thing and unless it’s far along into development then it won’t likely see the light of day. Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda are basically the straw that broke the camel’s back, even Mass Effect 3 wasn’t this bad despite the controversial ending. Maybe I’m wrong but based on all the departures and far Bioware has fallen, I don’t see them last long during the next decade.