It’s no secret that Super Mario Maker 2 is a great game and full of creative and interesting levels. However one such streamer pushed it to the extreme by trying to beat his own level for 20 hours. His name is Joel Jarivson (otherwise known as Vargskelethor) who has been part of the stream group Vinesauce since 2010. You’ve probably seen him on YouTube and Twitch, he’s most well known for the Windows Destruction videos.

Yesterday he streamed for 13 hours straight trying to beat his CBT level. (Not gonna say what CBT means but you can probably figure it out) Unfortunately he didn’t make much progress and end up continuing his run the following day. At around 6:40pm PST after streaming for nearly 24 hours on the same level, he finally beat it and has since uploaded the level which you can play here. We here at Final Weapon would like to congratulate Joel for this occasion, we just so happen to be huge Vinesauce fans!