Image result for anthemAmidst the absolute disaster that has been the game’s launch and the ensuing backlash since the game’s release, EA seems to still have hope. EA CEO Andrew Wilson reportedly spoke with GameDaily on several different topics including the state of Anthem. Among those details, he said the game could have a “seven to ten-year cycle” and said he had faith the developers would improve the game.

From the way he sees it, Anthem was created for two crowds. One crowd of Bioware fans, and one of action-adventure fans that just didn’t work well together. Given how barren the game’s endgame is, that likely didn’t help things very much. It appears that they genuinely want to improve the game, though the CEO is a bit self-aware. Speaking on Anthem’s core, he said that if people didn’t find the core of the game fun anymore they “might not invest further”.

Considering the way everything has played out, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Anthem did recently have an update that added some much-needed improvements. In return though, we saw the removal of the game’s roadmap. What kind of content we’re going to get in the future and when we’re going to get it is currently unknown.

Anthem is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One