• Developer : Noble Muffins & Forever Entertainment
  • Publisher: Forever Entertainment & PlayWay S.A
  • Release Date: May 16th, 2019
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Price: $19.99
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch

Thief Simulator is what it sounds like. You are a thief that is stealing valuables from neighborhoods. This game was developed by Noble Muffins, published by PlayWay S.A, and ported to Nintendo Switch by Forever Entertainment. Forever Entertainment provided the review code for this review. This game starts off with simple missions. You start out doing small task, such as going into a small trailer home and stealing some cash, maybe some jewelry, and whatever else comes to sight. The game does a great job teaching you the controls, and how to use the tools in the beginning mission. The neighborhoods you thief in are open, so you could detour from a mission and steal from another house if you wanted too. This open world feel really makes the game feel better, and I am glad this route was chosen.

The core game play is good. Its basic at first and slowly gets complicated. There’s a lot to learn, from breaking windows, to picking locks, to unlocking safes, and more. If you go to a house and get caught by a resident, the cops will arrive and look for you. You can hide in various spots, such as a closet, or under a bed.  You can also just run. The residents can also pull a gun on you if they are armed. If a resident from a different house catches you sneaking in, they could call the cops too. Another thing that could trigger the cops is how you park. If you park in the middle of the sidewalk, the cops will come. If you block other cars on the road, the drivers will call the cops. If you straight up hit a with your car pedestrian you have to restart to the last checkpoint. The game gets as complicated as having to turn off cameras to a house, sneak into the house while residents are home, and then crack open a safe, and that’s just scratching the surface to the surprisingly deep game play.

Besides the neighborhoods, there are 2 other locations to go to. The first one is home. At the home you will receive your story missions. You will also learn how to do things at home, such as unlock a safe. You can also store things you stole at your house. There is a computer at the house where you will be spending some time on. There are four websites available to you on this computer. The first is “Tools4Thieves”. The tools you can buy on this site is a crowbar, flashlight, DIY Simple Lock pick, Lock pick, Climbing gloves, Mini electric lock pick, Jewelry tools, safe cracking tools, Glass knife, Hacking tools, Car lock pick gun, Micro camera, Binoculars, Hacking PDA, Night vision goggles, Car key signal cloner, and a Hacking laptop. The prices for these items range from $30 to $52000. The second website is “BlackBay”. This is a website where you can sell items to people. You can sell, Art, Car parts, Electronics, Kitchen tools, Antiques, and more. This is one method to make money. The third website is “StealYourForms”. On this website you can pay to get information on certain houses. You can purchase “House security tips” which will give you tips on the security of the house, such as camera placement, or an alarm system. You can also purchase “Possible loot location” which tells you the most probable place the valuables will be hidden. The last thing you can purchase is “Tenant routines”. This will give you instructions on when the best time to hit the house is. For example, if you buy this it could tell you something like “around 2 PM to 4 PM, no one is home”. This would obviously be the best time to go to the house. The last website is “Rent a Thug”. This is where you can accept jobs to steal certain objects in exchange for money.

Besides your house, you can go to a Pawn shop. This is where you sell most of the items you steal. The Pawn shop employee will not accept phones or tablets unless erased. If you have a big item such as a TV, you have to carry it to the clerk’s desk to sell it.

In this game there is also a deep skill tree system. You unlock skills by earning Skill points. You earn a Skill point by leveling up your character. To level up, you simply steal things. “Lock picking” is one of the many things learned trough this skill tree. You start off by learning how to do simple lock picks, then you go on to unlocking normal locks, then hard locks, then safes. Another skill is “backpack”. You can upgrade your backpack by 100% if you unlock all the skills to this. For the “Agility” skill, you first learn how to throw bricks, then learn how to climb vines. If you go deeper in said skill you can also learn how to run faster with large items, and also learn how to climb onto house gutters. There are more skills to learn such as “Car theft”, “Appraisal”, and “Electronics”.

The car you start off with has a space to put storage and a place to put big items in the back. If you steal a big item like a tv or a painting, it will go in the trunk. The driving in the game is meant for first person, but a 3rd person option is there. First person driving feels good and natural, 3rd person driving feels very clunky, and doesn’t control right.

With this game being a PC port, performance is something important to bring up. For the most part this game runs fine, but every time I play I anticipate for the frame rate to drop every once in awhile. When it does drop it is very noticeable, but quickly catches itself and goes back to normal. Graphically its an ok looking game. I can’t tell what the exact resolution is, but I feel like its a dynamic resolution that may or may not cap at 720p. To summarize the performance, the game runs well enough for it to be an enjoyable experience.

Thief Simulator is good game that I feel will fall under the radar of many people due to the clustered and unorganized eShop. It plays well, has a lot of content and replay ability, but most importantly, simulates being a theif!